Sunday, July 21, 2013

So, this is Sister Epa, Sister Woffinden and President Maxwell at the Fresh Market in the middle of the Westfield Mall about 5 min from our home.

Just a view as we arrived in Taz around 5:15 pm--dark early there!

Hobart from our hotel.

Elders Snyder, Lee, Gray and Staples at our first Mission Leadership Council.

President and Sister Smith at our exquisite dinner in Hobart.  They met while on their missions in Sydney and he is now president of the Hobart Stake in Taz.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It has been a magnificent week and a half since we arrived!  Some photos:

Well, President Maxwell needs me for something on his computer that I probably won't be able to fix--I'll come back and write some more about our wonderful colleagues and assistants!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


We arrived at the Mission Presidents Seminar and were kindly greeted and given our badges and photographed. They gave us a book with the schedule for the entire seminar--personalized--and room for notes on each session.
  Cory's had a special clear folder in it showing him that he was giving the opening prayer for the Sacrament Meeting with President Monson on Sunday morning.  Becky, Cory's sister who with her husband will be presidents in Las Vegas West, was assigned the closing prayer.  It was great, but a little pressure to be there on time :-))

 We then went to the various rooms for Finance, Travel, and Medical, and while waiting at each room we got to know some of the wonderful people who are here.  It was so much fun to mingle. This is one of the best things about the seminar.  There are 173 couples here, and each one has a name tag and we all go around peering closely at the small print which tells the mission we're going to serve in.  We had a very nice lunch, which we shared with Mike and Becky, and then we went to their home so that Cory could have a nap.  I also fell asleep :-).  We woke in time to check into the Provo Marriott so that we could be back in time for the Member Districts meeting.  This was a meeting for all who have one or more Districts (as opposed to Stakes) in their mission.  The mission presidents are the ecclesiastical leaders as well as in charge of the missionaries in the districts, so it is a big responsibility.  One mission had 9 districts.  We only have one.  We couldn't imagine how that president with 9 will operate!

We then had dinner, but in the restroom before dinner, I saw a sister with a name tag that said Sister Center.  I commented that that was a great name, and somehow it came out that she had known a Bradshaw that was very musical when she lived in Illinois--which was, of course, Merrill Bradshaw!!! In fact, she was Kristin Moutz, the daughter of  the Moutz family that my parents admired so much when they lived back in Illinois, and I remember spending Christmas Day at their house when I was six years old.  It was so fun and amazing.

I guess it will just take too much time to enumerate all the amazing people we've met, but I have loved it so much. However, at dinner, we sat with the Stokers--and their daughter is coming to Melbourne, and she was there and we got to meet her!  Our first Melbourne Missionary!!! Yay!  Then we went to meet our missionaries who are currently in the MTC.  There were four elders, all Vietnamese speaking!!! And one sister who will be Mandarin speaking.  Wow, they were an impressive group!  We loved meeting them.  Also, the Wardles--a couple who will be coming as soon as they get their visas.  We have a lot of visa waiters-- in Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California.  Poor keeids!

And, we have met several Melbournians who are either going to be mission presidents somewhere or who are on  the missionary committee, etc.  There are many opinions about Vegemite, but most are pretty negative.  Someone told me they have a 1/2 oz jar on their shelf, and it's their two year supply :-).

Today was simply marvelous, and ended with a dinner with a member of the Twelve--our group actually had two members--we sat at the table with Elder Neil Anderson and also had Elder Robert D. Hales in the room with us.  Also with us were Elder Callister and Elder Zwick.  Oh, yes!  Earlier in the day I got to meet Elder Gifford Nielsen and his wife Wendy, who were both high school friends of mine.  Also, President Kelly Brown and his wife--all of whom were Provo High friends.

It has been quite a day, and we're very tired. I don't know how much blogging I'll actually be able to do, but with the announcements today, it seems we all need to be on top of these type of things, so maybe I'll have to MAKE time!  What I haven't blogged about here are the very sweet and touching things that have happened as Cory and I have discussed what our emphasis in the mission should be, and the very kind offers of any assistance that our family might need.  We are so proud of all our children and how they have stepped up to help us.  What an amazing thing a mission is, and what a great and much anticipated blessing this is for me to get to serve.  More tomorrow--I think we're having dinner with Elder Bruce Porter and his wife Susan--Elder Porter served in Cory's mission and he and Susan were both in a class I took from Elder Hafen called "Your Religious Problems" at BYU.